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NArrange Version 0.2.9 Released 

Saturday, December 5, 2009 4:07:19 PM

NArrange version 0.2.9 has just been released.  Several minor issues with the sorting of using directives have been fixed, including the following:

  • Fixed moving C# using statements from the Namespace level to the File level and improved parse error handling.
  • Changed the sort behavior for alias using directives to conform to StyleCop rules SA1209 and SA1211.  The default config has been updated for this behavior.  If you are using a custom configuration, please update the "DefaultUsing" element in your file to pick up this change.
  • Changed the behavior of element sorting to ignore case for string attributes (e.g. name).  This fixes the sorting of using directives for StyleCop rule SA1210.

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